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13 July, 2011

Revolution Truth

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Tangerine Bolen, Executive Director
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Revolution Truth releases Wikileaks film

13 July 2011 – On the day that Julian Assange begins his appeal against extradition to Sweden, citizen-driven media project Revolution Truth releases its first short film, an open letter to the US Government in support of Wikileaks.  The film, which is endorsed by Michael Moore, has been produced with the contributions of over 300 individuals from around the world.  A major redesign of the Revolution Truth website, also unveiled today, includes the launch of two new campaigns: one in support of accused whistleblower Bradley Manning and another encouraging solidarity with emerging democratic movements in the Middle East and beyond.

RevolutionTruth is a grassroots, wholly volunteer-led endeavor that conducts campaigns by pairing open letters to influential figures or institutions with short films made up of messages from the public. The first RevolutionTruth campaign began in December 2010 when organization founder Tangerine Bolen decided to stand up to the Obama administration’s alarming handling of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. The open letter that Tangerine composed has been signed by over 10,000 concerned citizens and is today being released in video form with contributions from around the world.

“The goal with our original project was to show the US government that, although WikiLeaks is a complicated phenomenon, people all over the world support them. WikiLeaks offers common people access to truths we need, including the truth about abuses of power and secrecy, unethical behavior, and even criminality, on the part of both governments and corporations. While we do not endorse 100% transparency for democratic governments that need and deserve some measure of secrecy, we believe that WikiLeaks functions as a course correction in perilous times.” Tangerine Bolen

RevolutionTruth’s second campaign kicks off with the publication of an Open Letter to accused Wikileaks whistleblower Bradley Manning, who has now spent over a year in military detention awaiting trial. As with the earlier campaign, RevolutionTruth’s Open Letter to Bradley Manning, which has the full support of the Bradley Manning Support Network and UK Friends of Bradley Manning, is intended to prompt statements of support for Bradley and video messages from around the world.  A copy of the letter will also be sent to Bradley himself at Fort Leavenworth.

Finally, RevolutionTruth unveils its Global Unrest and Resistance campaign today, inviting those asserting their democratic rights in the Middle East, in Europe and elsewhere to submit messages and share the wealth of their experience with a global network concerned with all aspects of political representation and government accountability.

RevolutionTruth is a growing, global community of people dedicated to defending WikiLeaks, whistleblowers, and legitimate democracies. RevolutionTruth is a diverse group of people from around the world who share a common set of fundamental values centered on truth, transparency, democratic rights and freedoms, integrity, and a desire for equitable, just and sustainable systems.

Members of RevolutionTruth come from all walks of life and from over 150 countries. They speak many languages and have dramatically different life experiences and backgrounds. But they share one fundamental thing: a profound commitment to changing our world, and to using citizen-driven media, and “information by the people for the people”, in order to do so.


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