RevolutionTruth started out as an open letter to the U.S. government about their undemocratic handling of journalist Julian Assange and the nonprofit organization WikiLeaks.

Deeply distressed by the U.S. government’s willingness to destroy First Amendment rights in its zeal to stop Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, we decided we’d had enough of sitting back and watching our freedoms erode. A war was started based on lies. This war has cost over a million deaths and has caused irreparable harm. The people who manipulated us into this war are not being held accountable. Instead, whistleblowers and journalists who bring us the truth are being harmed and persecuted. Not only did President Obama turn a blind eye on the crimes committed by the Bush administration, but, in many respects, he has extended Bush-era, Constitution-weakening policies. Meanwhile, it is becoming increasingly “normal” to manipulate or distort information for special interest agendas. This is not acceptable.

We want to show the world that, despite the plethora of deeply biased and negative press in the U.S., there are a lot of people around the world who stand behind WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. While RevolutionTruth does not subscribe to complete transparency, (every democracy has some need of secrecy) secrecy has been radically abused. WikiLeaks has given common people around the world access to truths we are systematically being denied, truths that we need to restore and preserve our democratic freedoms and fundamental human rights.

RevolutionTruth has evolved into a growing, global community and future nonprofit organization. We have an all-volunteer team that spans multiple countries. We are dedicated to defending WikiLeaks, whistle-blowers, and legitimate democracies. RevolutionTruth is a “citizen-driven” endeavor, free from the influence of governments and corporations. We intend to build this organization into a platform for our voices – a place to tell the truth about what is happening in our world, and a place to gather to change it.

This is just the beginning! Join us, and help us grow. Because truth IS a revolution.

Mission Statement

“To be a global network of citizens dedicated to ensuring access to the accurate truths we need in order to instill and protect our freedoms and ensure legitimate democratic governance in our nations. Through a combination of reason, fact-finding, storytelling, compassion, direct action and information sharing, we will fight information distortion; stand by those who provide us access to new knowledge and accurate information, and work together to ensure more free, open and equitable societies.”

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