RevolutionTruth Panel – GTMO, The Rule of Law and the NDAA

Written on:December 9, 2012
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RevolutionTruth PanelsOn December 6, 2012, RevolutionTruth hosted a live panel discussion with David Remes and Andy Worthington to discuss the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center, the U.S. Government’s current position on indefinite detention, and their work examining and dealing with the effects it has had on the detainees that reside there.

After ten years, multiple scandals, and worldwide condemnation of its practices, the highly controversial Guantanamo Bay Detention Center (GTMO) remains open for business. GTMO arose in the last decade to become a global symbol of a new kind of war: one where kidnapping, torture and indefinite detention – even of completely innocent citizens – was justified, as long as it was being carried out by the United States Government, in the name of defeating “terrorism”.

Join our host Tangerine Bolen and co-host Pamela Sue Taylor for an inside look at one of the world’s most notorious prisons. We’ll be joined by GTMO experts David Remes, a human rights attorney who has engaged in extensive pro bono defense of GTMO prisoners, and independent journalist Andy Worthington, author of The Guantanamo Files: Stories of 774 Detainees in America’s Illegal Prison. We will examine a real-life example of the impact of indefinite detention on innocent citizens, discuss the changing landscape of the rule of law, and assess the dangers of the NDAA, in the wake of the GTMO legacy.


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Here are some useful resources to learn more about the highly controversial Guantanamo Bay Detention Center (GTMO).

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  1. Mike Meyer says:

    Hey, hows about that GITMO, huh. Makes US look real pretty in the eyes of the world AND lets the WHOLE world know that WE, The United States Of America, are JUST LIKE the rest of them, no longer exceptional. WE used to ONLY torture the others,(the exceptional part) NOW WE torture OUR OWN, just like Sadaam, Quaddafi, Stalin, Hitler, et al.—–real pretty!

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