RevolutionTruth Panel – NDAA Lawsuit Q&A

Written on:August 6, 2012
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On August 2, 2012, RevolutionTruth hosted a live panel discussion with Carl Mayer, Bruce Afran, Daniel Ellsberg, Birgitta Jónsdóttir, Tangerine Bolen (Host), David Segal, Kevin Gosztola, Michael Kelley, Laura Poitras, and Jacob Applebaum to discuss the current state of the ongoing Hedges v. Obama lawsuit against the US. Government regarding Section 1021 of the 2012 NDAA and answered audience questions. 

Seven plaintiffs, backed by multiple civil liberties and human rights groups, filed suit against President Obama, Leon Panetta, and 6 members of Congress over the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) last March. The lawsuit, spearheaded by plaintiffs Chris Hedges and Tangerine Bolen, is one of the only things standing in between innocent citizens everywhere and the threat of indefinite detention by the US military under Section 1021 of the NDAA. Journalists, lawyers and activists around the world have expressed profound concern and criticism over a provision that effectively suspends due process of the law and threatens to destroy First Amendment rights.

We WON round one of our lawsuit in May, after Obama-appointed Judge Katherine Forrest ruled entirely in our favor and granted a temporary restraining order against this provision. She did so after the US government refused to provide assurances (when asked 5 times) that plaintiffs and others would not be subjected to indefinite detention for exercising First Amendment rights.

Video is available on our YouTube channel or watch below.


For more information about the NDAA and our lawsuit, visit

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  1. Shona Duncan says:

    It is terribly important to put the American government into their place, I suspect they have got away with much behind closed doors so something such as this, that is in the public domain needs to be tackled head on. No longer is America the most powerful country in the world. No longer is America the wealthiest country in the world. Nor are they the basition of democracy and liberty. I don’t know for how much longer that the American people will live under draconian martial rule in a cold war waged against them by the corporations via the state. My hear goes out to those too blind to see what is happening, ignorance is the worst threat to innocence. I wish there was something I could do to help.

  2. Ken Roberts says:

    It is a shame this doesn’t get more traction in mainstream news. Please everyone, do what you can to promote our constitution. Inform all who will listen!

    • Shona Duncan says:

      The mainstream media will not doubt it’s newsworthiness, it’s scandalous the way the American government has behaved. The government can’t control the judiciary all of the time but it can control the media some of the time. All governments order news blackouts about things that may enlighten the people. The statue of liberty has no meaning to the USA politicians and hasn’t done since JFK. I noticed that Obama paraphrased a few JFK speeches during the run-up to the elections. JFK is what America so desperately needs. A Zionist version of Idi Amin is what America has.

  3. NDAA 2012 was here. ~ You have been Tweeted and FB’ed. 😉
    Section 1021 and 1022 have been called a violation of constitutional principles and of the Bill of Rights – Curated by
    Guantánamo Bay, Cuba ·

  4. I’m glad you have courage to engage in this struggle. However, I fear that the NDAA critics are getting hoodwinked & failing to grasp the bigger, more terrifying revelations, which have been revealed in Judge Forrest’s court. Check out analysis on my blog,”Obama Lawyers’ Scandalous Revelations in US Court Missed by Media & Congress:’Secret Powers’ Exceed NDAA & Imagination”

  5. scott says:

    i can’t wrap my head around how many americans friends they think im really off and paranoid..they refuse to even look at sites like this..thats what scares me most..when all collapses in the middle of the night..out of control fear will be the first thing they will scared they cant be helpful and are a serious threat to everyone..i have been in situations somewhat like that fear thats mind numbing prison made me a person that will survive anyway i in the middle of nowhere survive on anything that i find and kill..water is the only real problem and i must be near it..i have built a nice size tunnel for less than 200.00 will work as long as i need it..but iknow without a doubt we are gonna be fighting for survival real most 6 months if that long..what are all these people around my town thinking about no clue how we are at the end of the life we knew and maybe wont see for years maybe never again..i want to smack these people and let them do some research and i know so many that all say the exact same thing..where can i go to protest not around here for sure.. i need to act and fast meet people that are educated in these matters..maybe a college thats all i am fronts..i dont know but when this hits this whole park will be over run so fast that not a single person will be aware they are now plan is ready right now everything and everyone thats slow i will hopefully see later..not one believes this is anything serious my wife just said its just another y2k..well i hope and pray they are right..but obama will make sure that we collapse penniless no home food fuel lights.. this gonna take some time to get used to..but i wont be rounded up sent to fema camps to rot…i am not allowed to own a fire arm which is probably better for several survival books..hand to hand combat…godbless us all live like theres no tomorrow…

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