RevolutionTruth Panel – Truth-telling in War: What it Means to be a Military Whistleblower

Written on:March 24, 2012
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On March 21, 2012 RevolutionTruth hosted a live panel discussion with Ethan McCord and Mike Prysner,  two military whistle-blowers who have demonstrated a profound willingness to maintain the oaths they took to defend the nation and the United States Constitution, when doing so meant turning against the US military, and the government’s framing of these wars.This panel was guest hosted by Jeff Paterson.

The Iraq and Afghanistan wars have cost the United States the lives of nearly 8000 soldiers, cost over four trillion dollars, caused countless cases of severe Post Traumantic Stress Disorder in military personnel, and killed thousands of civilians in Afghanistan and hundreds of thousands of citizens in Iraq. The rationale for going to war with Iraq was misleading at best, and false and highly manipulative at worst. The path this nation took in the war on terror after 9/11 is one that has fundamentally reshaped this nation – leaving citizens with a government that is increasingly secretive, unaccountable to the people, and prone to trading long-cherished liberties for a questionable sense of national security.

In the midst of two wars that have cost us so much, there are occasionally people who step forward to bring the public hard truths. Military whistle-blowers brave condemnation from all corners; servicemen and women who openly challenge the state-framed narrative of war face a harsh reality – the deep and widespread unwillingness to truly question what is happening, and the subsequent costs of telling the truth.

Video is available on our YouTube channel or watch it below.


For more information about the panelists, visit the RevolutionTruth Panels page for this panel.

Places for whistleblowers to go to for protection or to report.

All of these links provide detailing on laws for whistleblowers, legal guidance in whistle blowing, articles, podcasts and radio shows. The people that run these sites, write the articles and do the radio shows and podcasts are either attorneys for whistleblowers or whistleblowers themselves.

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