When did we replace reporters with video games?

Written on:January 26, 2012
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This is an excerpt from Meaningless Words, episode 24, January 18th 2012, where Justin Jackson, Pamela Taylor, Christopher Sisk, and Edward Dyer discussed the difference in mainstream media coverage between the Vietnam War, of which Ed is a veteran, and the recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  It seems as though video games are used to inform soldiers and future soldiers of events during war now, rather than reporters of the news. Listen and share please! [6 minutes, 40 seconds]


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  1. David says:

    I think the reason that video games don’t discourage people from enlisting is because you can be painlessly killed and you get to start over. No game can adequately depict war. The truth of war is that it is the worst, most vile, godawful and immoral activity that man has ever undertaken. Even in necessary “good” wars like WWII soldiers are required to do things that immoral. This takes a toll on the individuals and hence on society overall. Additionally, generally the number of innocent civilian deaths outnumber combatants killed. This is certainly true in Iraq.

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