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Written on:November 28, 2011
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The following post was contributed to RevolutionTruth by Brandon Edwards.  He holds a Major in History with a Political Science Minor. He has been writing within a broad spectrum of subjects ranging anywhere from History and Political Science all the way to Earth Sciences and Cosmology, all of which have been for his own amusement. For the last 6 or 7 years, his curiosities have led him to find who he really is as a person. He has become more politically active within the last 3 years and has found that the more he is subjected to USA and Global Politics, the more cynical in nature he has become, and his cynicism reveals itself within his writing. However, Brandon believes that one can find small pockets of internal optimism every now and then. Everyone is born an optimist; Pessimism is a learned trait.

The occupancy camps have served a direct purpose. That purpose was to heighten awareness about the growing income disparities not only at home, but as well as around the globe due to the white collar criminal standard that has been set within the financial institutions, politics, and corporate agendas. These gross acts have been perpetrated in order to achieve profit before people, and power and influence over domestic and foreign policy. Society at large has been bamboozled by the media’s bombardment of corporate trickery. At home and abroad, society has become polarized by stagnant partisan politics and fooled by the propaganda machine’s ability to dispense a payload of direct stupefaction over the masses, compounded with Machiavellian efforts of persuasion by the power of fear tactics which stifle the intellect through proponents of slant and spin, with intent of creating an ethos of apathy and a demonization of other cultures. For too long our liberties and our democracy have been purchased by those with the resources to do so.

This movement has been created in order to set the record straight within our current system. It has exposed the 1% for it’s perpetuated use of foul practices and absurd growing discrepancies within the realm of socioeconomics, paired with its destructive environmental impact globally.

There comes a time within a movement when expressions of discontent must concede to political action. We have reached that junction. Now, it is more important then ever to embrace the power of the Unions. The Blue Collar masses of hard working Americans will surge this momentum into an organized political structure that will ultimately harvest a systemic paradigm shift. The power of influence created by the Unions is immense. It must be harnessed to galvanize public support in pursuit to gain a respectable public relation within the majority of the 99%. We must win the hearts and minds with community outreach efforts, and a positive publicity within the news and social media outlets. We have gained the support of the Unions. Big Labor has flexed its muscle in New York and in L.A. They have expressed what their definition of solidarity means to them by the sacrifice of being subject to arrest in addendum with the influx of bodies during our National Day of Action on November 15th.

This support is international as well. Sharon Burrow of the International Trade Unions Confederation recently said;

“From New York to London and Toronto to Frankfurt, in hundreds of cities in dozens of countries, the movement has grown and continues to develop strength. Even as tents are taken down and people moved, nobody can stop what has been started. Big banks have pulled the plug on the real economy, and some of the biggest companies are only too ready to profit from the economic crisis. Like T-Mobile USA, whose employees live in fear of company intimidation simply because they want union representation. The Occupy movement all over the world is a public demonstration of support for the dignity of work and the need to promote social justice. We stand with the movement to defend the right to peaceful assembly without interference, and against the massive and growing inequality created by Wall Street and its global financial allies. We proudly add our voices to speak out against pervasive inequality.”

This movement is far from dead. It is strong, and has been emboldened by the power of the proletariat. The list of Big Labor joining the cause continues to grow as I write this piece, and it will continue to grow as long as the power of truth defeats the tyranny of apathy. We must stand together in acts of solidarity. We must continue to occupy with class. We must continue our acts of civil disobedience. We must strive to achieve political persuasion and win back our democracy, not through means of money, but through the means of voice and action. When we occupy, we send a message that reverberates within the history of all class struggles – the message of unity and dissent from the blight of greed that has destroyed the fabric of our democracy. We must push this message to the lawmakers by the will of the people. We must march on our State Capitals in a national act of solidarity, then we must march onto the Nation’s Capital. We must occupy those we have elected to represent ourselves in this democracy. It is within our rights to revolutionize the equation that has brought us to this point. Otherwise, we lose our identity as individuals, and submit to their oppression. I would rather die then become enveloped in a corporate culture of slavery and debt. I would rather die then submit to those who see me as a marketing opportunity. My identity lies within my rebellion.

“What is a Rebel? A man who says no.” – Albert Camus

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