Letter to the U.S. government on WikiLeaks

Written on:October 27, 2011
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Citizens from around the world joined together to “speak” an open letter to the US government about its poor handling of WikiLeaks, its abuses of secrecy, and its egregious behavior in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars on film. Michael Moore joined us in this project. We defend WikiLeaks’ right to exist and to help expose human rights violations, war crimes and other unethical and criminal behavior on the part of both governments and corporations. We do not expect radical transparency – we expect reasonable transparency required to ensure functioning democracies.

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  1. Sarah says:

    The world NEEDS real news.

  2. Jerri Morgan says:

    I am making sure that my rulers know that I am signing this letter. I wish to demand civil rights for me and my people and the people they have forced democracy on. It does not work.

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