The Syrian Ministry of Defense

Written on:August 12, 2011
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THE SYRIAN MINISTRY OF DEFENSE was hacked by way of a peaceful protest, by the group known as Anonymous. As it’s not physically possible for those who oppose what is occurring there to arrange a picket line or a sit-in, the hacking of their website is the next logical step.

We neither condone nor condemn the actions of Anonymous in general; this report has only to do with this one display of solidarity.

So what is happening in Syria to make them a target of hacking? The people of Syria want that which most of us want – democracy! According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, over 2000 demonstrators have died since the uprising began in March 2011. After more than 30 years of being ruled by the same family who fail time and again to meet the needs of the people, the people are speaking up.

Where is the United Nations whilst all of this is taking place? Syria is allied with China and Russia, and they hold too many cards at the UN table – for now.

The only way the rest of the world are aware of what exactly is taking place in Syria at the moment is via the videos our brothers and sisters are loading to YouTube. In 2011, the internet is the voice of the people – in Syria and everywhere else. Awareness is the key. Stunts such as the temporary replacement of the Syrian Ministry of Defense website with a call for peace raises awareness for all, surely shortening the life of the corruption taking place and taking lives there.

That’s the revolutionary hacking news this week – now for the personal hacking news that potentially effects hundreds of millions of people: New insulin pumps are susceptible to hacking over wi-fi, making it easy to overdose a diabetic who has one. Pacemakers have been vulnerable to wi-fi hacks for a few years already, and now insulin pumps are now too. Again, this is not new either – the reason we must turn our cell phones off in hospitals is because their frequency can alter the dose given on all medicine administering machines, including chemotherapy and pain relief.

Rather than be afraid, I find it liberating to know where our vulnerabilities lie as a society, so that we can rectify them before damage is done. These stories may appear unrelated, but essentially, hacking is hacking, so self-education can save our own lives, and the lives of entire countries.

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